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DreamLine Photos is a new photographic design service specializing in event photography.

Our services can be tailored to accommodate anything from Major sporting events to smaller more intimate gatherings. We also offer traditional photographic services as part of our standard package which include portrait sittings and event coverage.

DreamLine Photos has on site photo processing, capable of outputting 250 to 400 photos per hour depending on guest participation and photo size requested.

To schedule a studio portrait session, check price or availability, contact us at 801.831.9088 or email us at info@dreamlinephotos.com

Blue & Green Screen Event Photography
How it works!

Custom creative re-touches


Before your photos is taken you and your guest can browse through the Dreamline Photos Catalog where you will find amazing backgrounds, magazine covers, posing suggestions and editing options. Keep in mind that Dreamlines talented artists can do just about anything when it comes to creative photo retouching. If you have any special requests just let us know at the time of your sitting. Simple edits can be done in seconds and more involved edits will be done in the studio after the event.

Blue & Green screen event photography


1. You and your guest will pose and be photographed on a blue or green screen based on scene selection. Themed based scenes are designed in advance for faster processing during events. Dreamline package requires 2 weeks for concept design and prop selection.
Custom events


2. Edited photographs are then placed in pre-rendered custom or basic scene of your choice and printed on photo paper. DreamLine Photos provides 6x9 prints at the time of the event. Please indicate at the time of your sitting if you would like any additional prints on canvas or fine art paper.
DreamLine Photos can produce sizes from 8x10 to 40x60 ready to display.
Special Event Photography

Creative Retouching and Special Effects Requests Done In Studio

Blue screen photography allows us to create special event photographs that can add excitement and interest to your event. Some of our customizations are as follows: add people to the photo that weren't present at the time of the event, add pets, make-up, special effects and an infinite list of props and backgrounds. Any special requests, just let us know at the time of your sitting. Simple edits can take seconds and more involved editing will be done in studio at an hourly rate.

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